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Education is a powerful tool and as an underwriter, we work hard to provide substantial training resources for our agents. As one piece of that, we publish LookingNorth, our official monthly publication and communication tool designed specifically for our agents. It includes relevant, industry news and serves as a business resource and compliance guide. We invite you to review our most recent edition, as well as a sampling of other reports, newsletters and articles we provide to our agents to help them stay at the forefront of changes in our industry.

To access our full library of materials, including a searchable database of state-by-state bulletins and regulatory information, NATIC Agents should log on to AgentLink.

  • LookingNorth

    4/30/2018 7:27:38 AM

    LookingNorth: April 2018 – Sales & Marketing

    Welcome to LookingNorth’s Sales & Marketing issue!

    In this special themed issue, we examine how customer relationship management (CRM) systems can be leveraged to transform the way you interact with prospects and customers. If you are considering advertising your company’s services online, we have a guide to using Google AdWords. One of our independent agents shares some pro tips for how to use social media to your advantage. If you are unclear where to begin with creating a marketing strategy for your company, we break down five cutting-edge ways to convey your story to customers. And don’t miss other great stories from across our company, including a review of current litigation trends related to cyberfraud; a summary of the CFPB’s semi-annual report; and a story from our underwriting counsel about the value of obtaining surveys during closings.