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Rainmaker's Graduate

Congratulations to the Rainmaker’s Laboratory September 2016
graduating class!

North American Title Insurance Company (NATIC) would like to congratulate the September 2016 graduating class of its inaugural Rainmaker’s Laboratory. A first of its kind, the Rainmaker’s Laboratory: The Science of Demonstrated Growth, is a six-month webinar series comprised of sales and marketing strategies for NATIC STAR Agents, taught in a virtual classroom environment.
As a student in the lab, each participant:
  • Completed homework assignments, which included implementing practices from the previous lab’s lessons;
  • Read and studied text books assigned to them from each lab; and
  • In some cases, participated live in the class by sharing best practices in a book review format.
Each graduate received sales and marketing education centered on six categories segmented into small bites that the agent could implement into their sales and marketing approaches.
Topics included:
  • What is a unique selling proposition and why you need one
  • How to set and achieve sales goals
  • How to use a customer relationship platform
  • Copywriting made easy
  • Social media, cyber intelligence and email marketing
  • Advanced sales and marketing
Congratulations to the following NATIC STAR Agents who participated in this course.
September 2016 Graduates
  1. Michael A.
  2. Madelin A.
  3. Sandie A.
  4. Jan A.
  5. Kelly A.
  6. Stephanie A.
  7. Pam A.
  8. Melanie B.
  9. Ariel B.
  10. Cari C.
  11. Dave C.
  12. Johnny C.
  13. Ashley C.
  14. Ginger C.
  15. Kathy C.
  16. Liliana C.
  17. Brandon D.
  18. Elizabeth E.
  19. Lily F.
  20. Tonya F.
  21. Nancy F.
  22. Barb F.
  23. Denise F.
  24. Jay H.
  25. Chris H.
  26. Christopher H.
  27. Whit G.
  28. Betty G.
  29. John G.
  30. Nick G.
  31. Jeff G.
  32. Beth J.
  33. Janene J.
  34. Mary K.
  35. Narine K.
  36. Nishad K.
  37. Tim K.
  38. Anthony L.
  1. Karen L.
  2. Mike L.
  3. Lisa L.
  4. Ray M.
  5. Carol M.
  6. Brenda M.
  7. Christie M.
  8. Cari M.
  9. Monica M.
  10. Jan M.
  11. Susan N.
  12. David P.
  13. Ashley P.
  14. Kara P.
  15. Tim P.
  16. Eric P.
  17. Randi P.
  18. Kim P.
  19. Philip P.
  20. Aimee R.
  21. Sherrie R.
  22. Brad R.
  23. Kimberly S.
  24. Ray S.
  25. Michele S.
  26. Tracy T.
  27. Genevieve T.
  28. Catherine V.
  29. Nicole V.
  30. Lauren V.
  31. Fritz W.
  32. Sally W.
  33. Robert W.
  34. Lindsay W.
  35. Brandon W.
  36. Winston W.
  37. David Z.
If you are interested in enrolling in the Rainmaker’s Laboratory or would like to know more about this opportunity, please contact Rich Griffin, vice president and national sales manager, NATIC, at or visit the Rainmaker’s Laboratory.