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About Us > NATIC News > August 2016 > NATIC adds The State Capital Title and Abstract Co. as a preferred search provider

    NATIC adds The State Capital Title and Abstract Co. as a preferred search provider

    8/5/2016 9:22:39 AM
    MIAMI – AUGUST 5, 2016 – North American Title Insurance Co. (NATIC) has added The State Capital Title and Abstract Co. in New Jersey to its preferred search provider list.

    “We are constantly on the lookout for outstanding search providers with a proven track record in their local markets,” said Emilio Fernandez, NATIC president. “This has a two-fold benefit, providing our agents with access to high-quality providers and lessening our exposure to risk by reducing potential errors.”

    In business for more than 90 years, State Capital Title and Abstract provides title companies, attorneys and lenders public record searching and foreclosure case reviews. The company uses a proprietary search method that returns judgment and USA PATRIOT Act name searches almost instantaneously with results that are complete and consistent.

    “Our goal is to make our clients’ experience doing business with us as streamlined as possible,” said Chris Eler, president and owner of State Capital Title and Abstract. “We provide quality searches at a fair price, combined with unbeatable customer service in a responsive time frame.”

    State Capital Title and Abstract is a fourth-generation family-owned business and holds an elite provider status with the American Land Title Association.

    Joining the NATIC SearchLink Network offers search providers such as State Capital Title and Abstract the capability of handling top-quality local searches at competitive prices. Each provider contracts with NATIC and the liability for any errors caused exclusively by the preferred vendor remains with the vendor, not the agent. This arrangement offers peace of mind to NATIC agents who can order searches knowing they meet NATIC’s requirements for quality and accuracy.

    The full listing of NATIC’s preferred search providers can be found on AgentLink, NATIC’s agent portal, under the Tools & Resources, Search Providers tab.