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    North American Title Insurance Co. announces HA&W as a trusted partner for ALTA Best Practices compliance testing and reporting

    1/28/2016 3:44:22 PM

    MIAMI – Jan. 28, 2016 – North American Title Insurance Co. (NATIC) has named HA&W as a trusted partner, listing it as a member of the NATIC AgentMarketplace Program. HA&W will offer American Land Title Association (ALTA) Best Practices compliance benchmarking and assurance reporting services to NATIC agents through its ComplianceSuccess® Program.


    Through its AgentMarketplace Program, NATIC partners with industry providers to offer its agents products and services that help them grow their businesses and be compliant with industry standards as well as state and federal laws and regulations.


    “Comprehensive testing and reporting is a key provision across all seven ALTA Best Practices pillars,” said Emilio Fernandez, NATIC president. “NATIC is pleased to offer HA&W as a quality vendor to our title agents to ensure they achieve and demonstrate compliance with ALTA Best Practices to their valued lender customers.”


    HA&W was the first CPA firm in the nation to perform ALTA benchmarking, readiness and reporting services across all seven pillars of the ALTA Best Practices. The ComplianceSuccess Program offers independent third-party attestation using CPA professional standards, which provide the greatest level of assurance available. Since banks have historically looked to CPA attestation reports to provide assurance of business risk mitigation, these reports can now be used by independent title agents to ensure compliance with ALTA Best Practices to their lender customers.


    “With the deadline now passed for compliance with TRID, the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule, we expect to see a renewed focus on ALTA Best Practices compliance,” said Lee Fields, managing director of HA&W’s ComplianceSuccess Program. “Now is the time to begin the process of becoming compliant, and NATIC agents have a high level of assurance they will be accepted by their lenders as a preferred partner with HA&W’s ComplianceSuccess Program.


    “In fact, HA&W is the only CPA firm to offer a safety net for agents in which we will refund the report fee if a lender rejects our report within 90 days of issuance and requires a second report be obtained from another CPA firm,” added Fields.


    For information on becoming a NATIC agent with access to the NATIC AgentMarketplace Program, go to For more information about HA&W’s ComplianceSuccess Program, visit or call (844) 848-6529.