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About Us > NATIC News > June 2018 > NATIC announces AgentMarketplace as its trusted partner guide and educational resource for agents

    NATIC announces AgentMarketplace as its trusted partner guide and educational resource for agents

    6/27/2018 12:01:59 PM
    MIAMI – June 27, 2018 – North American Title Insurance Co. (NATIC) has announced the launch of AgentMarketplace, a new benefit for its existing agents to connect them with trusted partners of NATIC.
    Combined with a comprehensive marketing and educational outreach initiative, the program’s web pages feature industry provider companies that are partnering with NATIC to offer its agents products and services to help them grow their businesses and be compliant with industry standards, as well as with state and federal laws and regulations.
    “With this program, NATIC is building a bridge between our trusted industry partners and the agents we work with daily,” said Emilio Fernandez, president of NATIC. “We will be educating agents on the products and services the companies provide and offer information on why those particular products or services are important to the future profitability of the agency. I am pleased with the companies with which we have chosen to partner and look to future opportunities to add others.”
    The companies are organized under three categories: Best Practices, which includes companies with products or services to keep agents compliant with the American Land Title Association’s Title Insurance and Settlement Company Best Practices; Business Solutions, which includes companies that assist title agents in both optimizing and meeting the demands of their daily operations; and Business Development, which includes companies that assist title agents with customer outreach and business growth strategies.
    Current AgentMarketplace members in the Best Practices category are: CertifID, RynohLive, Safe Escrow, SafeChain, Real Estate Data Shield, Simplifile, Fran Kelly Professional Liability, JMB Insurance and Aprio (HA&W). Members in the Business Solutions category include: ClosingCorp, FedEx, HDEP International, National Due Diligence Services and NotaryCam; and members in the Business Development category include: PropertyView 360 (via Black Knight’s TitlePro247) and Bowe Digital.
    Upon acceptance into AgentMarketplace, companies automatically become part of the AgentMarketplace multimedia marketing and educational campaign program, designed to give companies and agents a direct link to each other through various marketing channels.
    “Having a list of trusted partners is one half of what this program is all about,” said Kelly McCarel, Vice President and Director of Marketing and Educational Programs. “The other half is using AgentMarketplace as a conduit to inform agents of trusted companies that are ready to offer information on how tweaks in their agency operations can make big impact in their overall compliance efforts and growth opportunities. One of the requirements for companies to be included in AgentMarketplace is that they work with our marketing and education team to provide information on high-profile matters through articles, webinars, videos, and print and digital materials.”
    For information on becoming a NATIC agent with access to the NATIC AgentMarketplace program, go to To contact a company through NATIC’s AgentMarketplace program, NATIC agents can visit the AgentLink portal at Be sure to mention “NATIC’s AgentMarketplace” to receive any preferred pricing or offerings unique to NATIC agents. Industry service providers interested in learning more about NATIC’s AgentMarketplace can email