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Commercial Title Expertise Nationwide

North American Title Insurance Company (NATIC) has the attributes most essential to your commercial title business – financial strength, underwriting expertise and white-glove service. 

Financial Strength
NATIC holds an A’ Prime Unsurpassed – Financial Strength Rating from Demotech. According to Demotech, regardless of the severity of a general economic downturn or deterioration in the insurance cycle, insurers earning an A' Prime Unsurpassed are expected to have positive surplus regarding policyholders for 18 months from the initial assignment of the rating.
In addition, Demotech assigned NATIC a Commercial Real Estate Recommendation (CRER) of “Strongly Recommended.” Title underwriters receiving the CRER recommendation “have adequate financial resources of their own and significant in-house capacity and expertise, or they have access to the necessary resources because of their placement of reinsurance coverage.”
Departments of Insurance monitor the ratio between policyholder surplus and total premiums in a given year to protect the consumer and the quality of our industry.  Typically, insurance regulators allow a maximum ratio of 6:1 (premiums issued may not exceed six times policyholder surplus on hand). NATIC currently maintains a national best average of 3:1, premiums issued to policyholder surplus.
Underwriting Expertise
Fulfilling our singular commitment to support and partner with the independent agent, we’ve assembled an expert team of attorneys and specialists to assist agents with complex commercial transactions. To further support our agents, we’ve also negotiated with a publicly traded title underwriter to automatically reinsure all liability above our self-imposed retention limit of $10 million – up to $20 million. Agents still must obtain over-limit approval, although NATIC will partner with the agent to absorb the cost in the majority of cases.
White-glove Service
At NATIC, each one of your commercial transactions is deserving of our utmost attention. We understand how complex and challenging commercial deals can be. We are dedicated to providing you with white-glove service, from the opening of the file to the processing of the final paperwork. In addition, working with NATIC means you will no longer wait for answers to complex title questions. Our experienced team of underwriting attorneys has hundreds of years of experience and local knowledge. This commitment to our agent network leads to one of the best partnership and response systems in the industry.

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