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Dedicated To The Highest Industry Standards

In today’s business and regulatory environment, it’s more important than ever that you can trust your service providers for financial stability, strict standards and procedures, and professional, timely service. Lenders across the United States rely on NATIC and its STAR Agent Network every day to meet and surpass the high standards required of third-party providers in the complex mortgage process.
STAR Agent Network
The NATIC STAR Agent Network is guided by the principle to work with the best and most well-respected agents in each marketplace. Our agents undergo a rigorous and constant evaluation process to become and stay an agent in good standing. As a result, NATIC has developed an agent network that is second to none. We value our relationship with our agents and provide hands-on service and immediate access to decision makers, to ensure their success and yours.

Click here to learn more about our STAR Agent Network.
For more information or to find a STAR Agent in your area, please contact your local State Agency Manager.
Best Practices
The health of the real estate and mortgage markets is dependent on the professionalism of each of the stakeholders in the transaction, and we are committed to providing our agents with the knowledge and tools they need to meet and exceed ALTA Best Practice standards. Through timely bulletins, educational materials and in-depth webinars, we keep our agents at the top of their game.
Exceptional Service
Our agents rely on our responsive and knowledgeable underwriting staff to provide timely and accurate information, assuring the transaction remains on schedule. Title issues and other potential challenges are addressed immediately and transparently, so that all parties can be assured of a smooth closing.
Closing Protection Letters
To validate a Closing Protection, Closing Service or Insured Closing Letter, click here to go to our LetterLink Validation.

Requesting a Final Policy
NATIC values our customers and works to ensure their satisfaction with our team, our agents and our affiliates. The issuing agent who handled your closing is the best initial contact for a Final Policy request. Please contact the issuing agent listed on your Closing Protection Letter, first, to obtain the Final Title Policy. If the issuing agent has not fulfilled your request in a timely manner, you may email Please include the following supporting documentation to assist in the research:
  1. Executed Settlement Statement/Disclosure
  2. Closing Protection Letter
  3. Closing Instructions
  4. Title Commitment
  5. Proof that your company owns the loan
  6. Copy of recorded Deed of Trust
All documents requested are needed in order to further research the matter.
The requestor must be either the lender or owner of record for NATIC to release any policies. NATIC, as the underwriter, does not have final recorded transaction records in our possession. NATIC also does not provide policy copies for any purpose other than providing the insured owner or lender a copy of a policy for which premium has already been paid and collected.