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STAR Agent Network: Experienced Agents Dedicated to Exemplary Service

North American Title Insurance Company (NATIC) is guided by the principle to work with the best and most well-respected agents in each marketplace across the country. As a result, NATIC has developed an agent network that is second to none. The NATIC STAR Agent Network recognizes the high quality and dedicated service provided by independent title agents who represent NATIC as policy-issuing agencies.
NATIC STAR Network Agents undergo a rigorous and constant evaluation process to become and stay an agent in good standing. This includes:
  •  Initial review of credit, background, financial solvency, escrow accounts, settlement practices, compliance procedures and general practices
  •  Licensing, insurance and disciplinary history verification
  •  Senior management review of random sample files, business model, experience, financial metrics, claims history and market representation
  •  Ongoing annual and random comprehensive audits, credit and background checks, and agency assessments by senior management team
  •  Routine on-site operational evaluations and monthly monitoring of business activity, escrow account reconciliation and policy production review
  •  Continuous knowledge and industry best practices improvement through compliance training and industry education
This is not intended to be an exhaustive definition of the standards of a NATIC STAR Network Agent. Upon further review, you will find that NATIC and its STAR Agent Network redefine personal attention through operational expertise.
One-Hour Underwriting Response Guarantee
NATIC STAR Network Agents are empowered to provide high quality service with our unparalleled one-hour underwriting response guarantee. Working with the NATIC STAR Agent Network means you will no longer wait for answers to complex title questions. Our experienced team of underwriting attorneys offers hundreds of years of experience and local knowledge. This commitment to our STAR Agent Network leads to one of the best partnership and response systems in the industry.
Strength in Numbers
With eight years of steadily increasing policyholders’ surplus, NATIC reported approximately $74 million in 2016. NATIC is now the eighth largest title underwriter in the United States, which broadens the company’s potential to underwrite title business. As the result of our disciplined financial business model and strategic successes, we’ve continued to expand our footprint and post tremendous financial metrics. You can rely on NATIC and the STAR Agent Network more than ever before.
For more information or to find a STAR Agent in your area, please contact your local State Agency Manager.