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Title insurance is a constantly evolving industry, with legal, regulatory and local practice adapting to changing circumstances over time. NATIC is dedicated to offering its agents high-level, best-in-class education that will offer them the greatest opportunity for success. Below is a sampling of some of the resources we make available to our agents throughout the year. In addition, members of NATIC’s Star Agent Network have access to a large resource library of training materials, webinars, regulatory bulletins and more on our AgentLink site.
Webinars and Seminars: Education remains a critical need in the industry, and NATIC offers informative webinars and seminars throughout the year. Here, you can access information about upcoming events, or download archived events for viewing.
Newsletters and Special Reports: NATIC produces a monthly newsletter – LookingNorth – as well as in-depth reports on topics of special interest to our agents to keep you abreast of trends, issues and challenges in the industry.
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